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Active Edu Technologies India Pvt Ltd is devoted to helping individuals prevail through global certification. Our all around perceived qualifications are gone for improving individual profitability, attractiveness and esteem. We also act as a fulcrum between institution and awarding body to bridge the skill gap.Active Edu Technologies India Pvt Ltd was set up in 2005 and is presently the main provider of global certification exams, program administration, technical support to institutes and learning development support for tutors as well as students.

A multi-disciplinary organisation for instruction arrangement in India. The company has been a noteworthy power in the field of education for past 14 years amid which it has capability served the diverse education segment. We are a quickly developing innovation framework in India. We encourage conveyance of globally perceived accreditations in computerized education and work area profitability devices and is a part of the overall system of associations working with adobe, Autodesk, Quickbooks, Microsoft worldwide accomplice Certiport Inc.(USA) and Microsoft Authorized Education Partner. As the Solution Provider for Certiport, Microsoft, Autodesk, QuickBooks and Adobe Confirmations, we work with Academia, Government, Organisation and individuals to empower scholastic accomplishment, workforce advancement, enhance business efficiency, improve Professional openings and give imaginative and dealing in learning openings. We offer the best excel training in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu. We have been providing Advanced Excel Training in Kochi for the past 4 years. We have so far trained more than 10,000 plus students and Corporates in Excel advanced concepts.

How we do it

Active Edu Technologies India Pvt Ltd, works with industry-driving accreditation suppliers to put up their projects effectively for sale to the public. With specific aptitude in the scholarly community, we can make an exceptional go-to-showcase arrange for that drives worldwide program execution.Active Edu, deals with a complex arrangement of driving affirmation programs including:

Why Certification Values more?

Certificate Programs have turned out more popular in recent years because they offer an advance skills and profession without investing the energy and huge cash to obtain a certificate that sharpens your skills. A certificate course, is not equivalent to degree but it assembles a talented workforce that meets the requirements of an employer.

How Certification programs can benefit to you

When each qualification checks in the marketplace, maybe it’s time to consider why certificate program should be of interest to you.

The simplest reason might well be the certificate itself, another qualification to list on your Resume. But what you’ll gain, without an excess of a dedication in time, cost and get priority in Job, is the real reason for consideration.


Contributes to the continuous improvement of the quality of life of people through knowledge, Training and Skills Development and to ensure ‘Empowerment Development’ and supporting sustainable human capital development.


Our Mission is to develop globally competent and socially responsible skilled workforce through innovative education practices and hence to be a part in the economic growth of our country.


Active Edu-Technologies India work with the institute to design a solution specifically for them which will maximize their outcomes and build a profitable offering.

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