Faculty Empowerment Programme

  • The aim of India's higher education framework is accomplishing supportable advancement and accomplishing higher development rates which could be empowered through creation, transmission and scattering of knowledge. Higher education at all levels in the nation is seeing a steady development design set apart by the setting up of new institutions and the change of the current ones. Interest for qualified teachers and faculty individuals throughout the following couple of years would be considerable and will turn out to be to a great degree basic for states to grow the current institutional limits, of framework as well as of qualified and trained faculty individuals.

    India is one among the nations that has the most elevated number of educational institutions on the planet and, subsequently, the most noteworthy number of teachers and faculty individuals. The remarkable development of institutions in India in the previous two decades has prompted a lack of refreshed and very much trained faculty individuals and has made a quality test for education. As of late, however ICT educational instruments have been comprehended and received by numerous institutions, the same isn't valid for educational arranging and execution. There is a requirement for all around trained faculty individuals who will cause enhance projects to create quality graduates.

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    Expanding internationalization in instructing is unequivocally bolstered by the Indian education part and is viewed as essential for Indian institutions in building up India's ability in research and advancement, driving up India's institutional positioning and expanding the nature of educating and learning. Along these lines, upgrading the scholarly and scholarly condition in the institutions by furnishing faculty individuals with abundant chances to seek after research and furthermore to partake in classes/gatherings/workshops has turned out to be essential for creating countries like India. Investment in such projects would empower faculty individuals to refresh their exploration and academic aptitudes. Higher education institutions are beginning to adjust and react to experts as of now in business, develop students and the request from understudies selected for aptitudes for employability programs. With the aim of furnishing faculty individuals with required aptitudes and knowledge, ICT Academy seeks after the Faculty Development Program as its essential goal.

    21st century teachers ensure teaching is enhanced through the informed use of technology developing learners’ ICT capability.

    21st century teachers use ICT to:

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    21st century teachers ensure teaching is enhanced through the informed use of technology developing learners’ ICT capability.

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